We don't do things by half...

Celebrating 2015 with our newest branch located in Stirling we look forward

to introducing the renowned Poonthais establishment which dates back

over 25 years. Our first restaurant opened in 1989 in North Berwick and our aim then remains the same today: for our guests to experience the very best in the

fine presentation of traditional Thai cuisine, where a warm welcome is assured

to our guests from our family run business.


With the exception of specialist Thai items all our ingredients are obtained locally and of the highest quality from which our international chefs prepare a full range of the traditional dishes cooked in an authentic Thai style.


The taste of Thailand in the heart of Scotland.


"taan hâi a-ròi!"

(Bon Appetit)





Fresh Authentic Ingredients

The everyday basic ingredients in Thai cuisine have many health benefits, and

they taste great too. Here are just a few examples of what some can do for you:


Lime - Good source of potassium and vitamin C. 


Fresh chilies - Good source of vitamins A, C and K. Research continues into

pain relief potential. 


Lemongrass - Very good source of iron and potassium


Galangal (Thai ginger) - Aids with digestion and is often used to help treat

the common cold.


Turmeric - Used as an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant 


Kaffir lime - Promotes gum health and is good for digestion


Garlic - Aids with digestion and improves blood pressure and cholesterol





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